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I'm fussy but this has impressed me

Over many years of playing I have tried just about everything to keep goggles clear and still ended up using mesh which I know isn't 100% safe. I was a little dubious of the claims that were being made for this system but though I would indulge. I have worn them 3 times in pretty hot conditions and had zero issues. the battery lasts for ages and I am very impressed. Get some and you will be safe and happy

Helemaal top

Eerste keer spelen nog beetje beslagen, maar dat was mijn fout, fan stond niet aan. De keren daarna meteen fan aangezet. 0,0 keer last van fog gehad. Helemaal top. En het plezier in het spel weer terug

No fog, no worries

Continue your Airsoft fun without fog, always. Sweat dripping down your back and your face, still enjoying a clear view. Which will aid you in your situational awareness. One of my best airsoft gear pieces bought. Perfect for Breacher, Assault, Support, Medics. Haven't used this with a sniper or DMR but using my x4 ACOG sight works fine after you get used to hugging your Stock.

Great mask , good service

Awesome mask complete with charging cable and proper bank with extension cable. Also you get a great carry bag to store your mask. Great fan, silent but potent!

Best mask ever!

Don’t want anything else anymore

Super, silent and comfortable. No more fogging! The band works with most helmets and clicks easy! I already recommended them to several friend and team members

Doen... Doen. Doen!

Het doet letterlijk wat het beloofd: voorkomen dat je masker beslaat. Beslaat dit ding überhaupt? Ja tuurlijk! Moet je wel in de amazone staan tijdens een regenbui, onder een waterval en dan keihard huilen.

Wat een masker!

Dit is DE oplossing voor al het ge-emmer met beslagen ramen tijdens een dag airsoften. Bespaar jezelf de moeite (en euro's) om een goede bril te vinden; je hebt hem te pakken met dit masker.

No More Fog!!!!!

Ow my, what an amazing experience!
After reading about these masks, I got sceptic cause I had used glasses before that said not to get foggy, which they did after less then 15 minutes. But I talked to these guys and a user, which got me to the point of ordering a set.
Gotta tell ya lads, I will NEVER play without this EVER. No more foggy glasses, VERY comfortable fitting, just gotta find the correct tightness of the goggles, thats all.
This for me is a whole new experience and I am loving it!!! No more fogging!!!!


So happy with your product guys,

After 6 years playing got finally the right product!

Best antifrog mask !

Its a super nice mask also When its hot and I am sweaty. Its super light weight and verry comfortable ! I use it with a helmet and headset I never go back to a dye mask 🙂

Simply perfect

This works amazing. The fan is not loud and the wind is not to hard. Eyes won't get dry and the result is perfect. Even if you craft the mask it wi not fog up. Very content with it.

My go-to Goggles!

Have been playing airsoft for several years and these are still my go to goggles. Another loadout comes with another mask(solutions)

My go-to goggles!

Have been playing airsoft for several years. And these are still my go to goggles. Another loadout comes with another mask(solutions)

The end of all fog

My best purchase in airsoft ever… really i’m not the person who says this very often. The one band fit , never fogging glasses while sweating alot is just amazing.

Mask solution goggle

Ik was behoorlijk sceptisch over de goggles. Maar moet zeggen dat het goed bevalt. Heb hem nog maar 1 keer gebruik bij het Airsoften. 12 december voor de tweede keer dus hoop dat het dan ook goed is.
Goggles zitten goed helemaal met de meegeleverde rubbers.

Echte oplossing

Ik was een beetje sceptisch over dit masker omdat ik al verscheidene maskers en brillen heb geprobeerd, maar deze werkt echt. Totaal geen fog meer, wel wat waterdruppels maar dit hinderd niet.

Such a good mask!

Best mask I’ve ever owned! Worth every penny, no more fogging is worth the money! The integrated face mask has saved my teeth a few times already!

With the new provided strips the mask sits perfect and can be worn for hours on end!

Finally found them!

Great quality, also kind of compact! I run them with a helmet or cap, they are pretty comfy to wear, you have no left space in comparison when for example using the FMA fan googles, these are much smaller and made of higher quality. The Powerbank that comes with the googles last at least two games, you can easily run the cable in a backpack or a back molle pouch, I used them also when running with DMR on a chest rig.

I have been using them for a month and not fogged once on me.

got a backup

I cannot do without one anymore, 100% zero fog. All my team members are equiped now with the mask solutions. and I have now purchased a complete set for ghillie and as backup to never go without one anymore. Delivered 1 day after purchase in the Netherlands. keep up the good work.


Got a mask solution! Best vision ever. Barely any fog! I sweat a lot and fog everything! This one works! Its a miracle.

My mask broke after a while, contacted mask solutions, they solved it without question! AWESOME service!

Beat THE fog

Fast delivery , Nice product !! Can’t wait to take out to the field


Best purchase i did! you have alot to think about when you start playing airsoft but the fog in my first skirms was so annoying! a teammember of mine bought one and he had zero fog! this weekend i used mine for the first time. it was raining and after that full sunshine! i had zero fog! great product.

if i had to point one thing out it would be that you cant see how full the battery is or if its fully charged. but i would def give this product 5 stars!!

Hello Jan,

Thank you for your review.

You can see the charging status of the powerbank with the red light indicator; blinking means it's charging, staying red means full.

Have fun with your mask!

Fantastic product and excellent service

The masksollutions mask is the best and in my opinion the only good option if you want the best possible protection , comfort and no foggy goggles!
It just works! Every time!
Service is also second to none! Quick answers and help!

No Fog

Used it intense. And first time airsoft without any fog all day. My way to go for the future.

Super masker

Het wordt niet beter, terwijl tijdens een match het zweet over mn gezicht loopt slaat de bril niet aan. echt geweldig