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Anti-Fog Full Face Mask 2.0

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Lens: Transparent (Clear)
Mask: Multicam
Cable: Left (If you draw right sided)
Regular price €134,95
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Regular price €134,95
Regular price Sale price €134,95

Frustrated from fogged up glasses, too many straps around your head and your mesh mask pushing against your nose and chin? 

That irritated us too! That is why we have put a lot of time into ensuring that this does not happen again. So the Anti-Fog Full Face Mask was born.

    This 2-in-1 mask has the advantages of a mesh mask and goggles. Instead of the normal setup with loose glasses and a loose mesh mask, we do it differently; The goggles and mask are attached to each other and can also be attached to your head with 1 strap, which is provided with a click closure. The mask itself would not make contact with your nose or mouth/chin, this way; you won’t have to worry about the continuous pressure from your mask.

    With the soft padding from the mesh mask, you can easily draw your weapon without bumping your cheeks against your stock. You can always look trough your scope without tilting your head 90 degrees.

    The goggles are equipped with a fan to ensure that you never get fogged up again; even with a full ghillie suit! The fan is protected by a mesh plate that stops the impact from a BB. Included is a powerbank which you can connect to the fan, just plug & play! Oh yeah; Don’t forget to charge the powerbank! 

    The glass passes MIL-PRF 32432 High Velocity Impact Standards, meets ASTM F2879 standards, meets ANSI Z87.1 standards, meets Canadian CSA Z94.3 standards and meets European EN166 standards.

    In the box:

    • 1x Goggles & Mask already assembled with cable (0,5m)
    • 1x Powerbank (8 hours of battery life) & charging cable
    • 1x (Protective) transport bag for the perfect mask

    Version 2.0 Update: 

    • No pressure point where the fan sits
    • 3D print (patented) instead of glue for easy swapping of cable or fan
    • No need for additional rubbers
    • Even more low profile
    • Better looking
    • Replacement kits available for easy replacement of cable or fan

    Happy hunting!

    Included with every mask or goggle

    In the box

    • Powerbank

    • Cable

    • Protective bag

    • Tips & Tricks

    • Suprise!


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 88 reviews
    Robin K.
    Works as it says on the tin

    No more fogging, great protection and easy to attach to my helmet. Got the insert as well to be able to see what I’m shooting, works amazing. A little bit of pressure on my forehead but by adjusting the bands that’s mostly solved. It’s one of my best purchases for my airsoft loadout! Faster shipping than expected and quick customer support, got questions just email them. Would recommend!

    Jonas Van twembeke
    Heel goed

    Heb dit nu al een jaar , safe to say nog nooit condens gehad .werkt altijd goed ik ben heel tevreden over dit batterij gaat ook lang mee ,nog nooit uitgevallen op 1dag skirmen. Je hebt ook een low - profile als je buiten speelt met de camo kleuren.

    Complete solution

    Bought a second one for my CQB outfit and together with the high capacity powerbank, I am able to play a full day and evening without any fogging of the goggles.
    It’s the most effective part of my game!

    Marco van der Kraan
    An amazing mask if you have glasses

    Buy mask, buy inserts, make inserts, click the interts in the mask, Connect the Jack to the powerbank. NO Fogging The saftey glasses, no fogging the inerts,

    buy if it you acctualy wanna hit your targets Glasses people!!!!

    Gets rid of fog! However!

    It works great against fog so why the three stars? Because the glasses hurt while wearing them, it would be great the have a softer material that hugs the face, especially between the eyes where the fan is located.